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Wong Wai Kuan is a familiar figure among Cantonese-opera fans in Singapore

In 1989 he was the leading male artiste with The Zhanjiang Cantonese-opera Troupe which came to perform at The Kreta Ayer People's Theatre for a duration of more than three weeks. His performance was impressive considering that he was only in his twenties. Fans will remember him for his role in "Double Spear Warrior Lu Wen Long".

In 1994 the same troupe performed again at The Kreta Ayer People's Theatre to packed audience every night for three weeks.

From 15.12.1995 to 17.12.1995 he together with six other artistes came for a charity opera show at The Golden Theatre.

In 1996 he was one of the leading artistes from China to perform at The Exhibition And Convention Centre during The Singapore Arts Festival.

In 1998 he led The Foshan Cantonese-opera Troupe with Lay Soke Karn as the leading female artiste for a two weeks performance at The Kreta Ayer People's Theatre. They brought along operas like "General Di Qing", "The Reincarnation Of The Red Plum", "Fan Lihua Humbles Xue Dingshan", "The Merciless Sword" etc.  He impersonated a woman convincingly in "Wrecking Havoc In The Palace" and he sang well in the female role.

From 7.1.2000 to 9.1.2000 he was among the 14 artistes led by Hong Sien Niu to perform at The Kreta Ayer People's Theatre to raise funds for The Kwong Wai Siu Hospital and The Apex harmony Lodge.

From 22.9.2000 to 24.9.2000 he was one of the guest artistes at Leong Yoke Weng's concert held at The Kreta Ayer People's Theatre.

From 5.7.2001 to 15 July 2001 performed with The Zhao Qing Cantonese Opera Troupe with Tsang Wai as the leading female artiste.

On 4 & 5 October 2002: Wong Wai Kuan and 6 other China artistes performed at The Singapore Chinese Orchestra Fund-raising Concert at The Singapore Conference Hall.

23 November 2002 to 7 December 2002: Wong Wai Kuan, Fung Gong Ai and Soh Churn Mui  led The Shenzhen Cantonese Opera Troupe to perform at The Kreta Ayer Peoples' Theatre.  Yew Ji Keong and Nam Fung (from HK) were the guest artistes.

22 May 2004: Wong Wai Kuan was the guest artiste for Tung On Cantonese Clan Association's annual Cantonese opera performance. He performed opera excerpt "Dream At The Luo River" with Singaporean Leong Ah Lin.

18.06.05: Wong Wai Kuan was one of the artistes in The Singapore Arts Festival 2005 Cantonese opera concert held at The Esplanade Theatre.  He sang a song with HK Artiste Wan Fei Yin, and performed an opera excerpt "Di Cheng" with HK artiste Wan Yuk Yu, in which he impersonated a princess.

5.08.06: Wong Wai Kuan was the guest artistes for Tung On Cantonese Clan Association's anuual Cantonese opera performance.  He performed  殿 with Wong Fei (Singapore artiste), and sang ” with Lai Jun Sing.

09.06.07 to 12.06.07: Was guest artiste for The Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe, performed three operas ( ) with the troupe.


Magazine of Wong Wai Kuan's Concert in Hong Kong

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