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There are many websites about Cantonese-opera, below are some interesting ones.


Comprehensive website by a Singaporean

Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

Photo album of opera artistes

Cantonese-opera website from China

Cantonese opera website from China 2

Cantonese opera website from China 3

HK. actress Chan Poh Choo

Sin Fung Ming Cantonese-opera Troupe

Hong Kong artiste Yuen Siu Fai

Hong Kong artiste Wan Fei Yin

Hong Kong artiste Lay Long

Hong Kong artiste Mui Suet See

Hor Fei Fan

Hong Kong artiste Loong Goon Tin   (encoded in Chinese Traditional Big 5)

Lam Kar Sing fan club

HK artiste Lam Kam Tong

Mui Suet See's Photo Album

HK artiste Chan Wing Yee

HK artiste Liza Wang

China Artiste Leung Siu Ming

HK artiste Koy Ming Fai

Ming Zhi Sheng Cantonese Opera Troupe

Performances in Hong Kong

Cantonese opera songs

Radio Canton

Online Cantonese opera magazine

Cantonese opera songs archive and forum



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Magazine of Wong Wai Kuan's Concert in Hong Kong

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