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A Grade 1 artiste from China's  Shenzhen Cantonese Opera Troupe, Wong Wai Kuan (Huang Wei Kun) is a talented "wen wu sheng" who is well known for his mellifluous singing. He is able to perform both literary and acrobatic works. From the role of a youth to that of an old man or from the role of an awe-inspiring warrier to that of a graceful young lady, Wong has no difficulty handling them at all. Wong has played the leading role in many operas, and has won in many competitions, which includes the Guangdong Province Art Festival, Hundred Flowers Award and the Advance Culture Worker Award on the provincial and city level.


COMING PERFORMANCES by the Shenzhen Cantonese Opera Troupe at The Sunbeam Theatre, Hong Kong:

:明 士

16.08.08 (day):风 流 才 子

16.08.08 (night):南 唐 李 后 主

17.08.08: 三 气 周 瑜

18.08.08: 赵 子 龙 保 主 过 江

19.08.08:刁 蛮 公 主

Enquiries: 25632959 (Sunbeam Theatre)
                    68493729 (Miss Ho)

Online bookings at:

中文 版

Magazine of Wong Wai Kuan's Concert in Hong Kong

Video clips of Wong Wai Kuan: (Wong Wai Kuan acting female role)

Audio clips of Wong Wai Kuan:



Goddess of Luo 5 July 2001

Mu Gui Ying Battles Hongzhou 11.7.2001

The Hero's Sword 13.7.2001

The Romantic Emperor 9.7.2001

Gratitude And Vengeance 12.7.2001

The Butterfly Lovers 15.7.2001

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