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Double Spear Warrior Lu Wenlong
    When the emperor of the Song kingdom becomes corrupt and incapable, Prince Wushu of the Jin kingdom seizes the opportunity to invade the Song territories. Song General Lu Deng tries in vain to resist the invaders. He and his wife then sacrifice their lives for the country, leaving behind their infant son, Lu Wenlong, who is later adopted by Jin Wushu as his son.
    Wenlong grows up as a skilled warrior who excels in using the double spear. He goes to war when the Jin army sustains a heavy blow dealt by the Song troops under General Yue Fei. Wang Zuo, a military officer under General Yue Fei, knows Wenlong's background. He severs his arm and surrenders to the Jin kingdom in order to get close to Wenlong. He tells Wenlong about his parents' tragic death so that he will revert to the Song kingdom and fight the Jin troops.

Gratitude and Love
    Though both serve in the imperial court, Prime Minister Liu and General Ling are at odds with each other. Because of political conflicts, they become bitter enemies. So great is their animosity that it stands in the way of the marriage of their two children. A touching story of love unfolds.

General Di Qing
    Song General Di Qing is sent on a mission to conquer a tribal state in the west but ends up settling down in another state after falling in love with the Princess  Xuang Yang. When the Song Emperor learns of this through his father-in-law, Pang Hong, he imprisons Di Qing's family members. To save his family, Di Qing plans to leave Xuang Yang without her knowledge. When he is found out, he pleads with Xuang Yang to free him for his family's sake. Xuang Yang lets him go.
    After conquering the tribal state in the west and killing the king's son-in-law, Di Qing returns to the Song kingdom. Meanwhile, Princess Fei Long, whose husband has been killed by Di Qing, sneaks into the Song kingdom with her brother. She seeks refuge with Pang Hong and conspires with him to force Di Qing to marry her. On the wedding night, she tries to get Di Qing drunk so as to kill him. When her attempt fails, she takes her own life. Pang Hong then accuses Di Qing of killing her and jails him.
    Furious at Di Qing's remarriage, Xuang Yang launches an attack against the Song territories. Pang Hong then tries to pit Xuang Yang against Di Qing and orders the army of the tribal state to close in on them. However, Di  Qing's friends come to his rescue and help save his marriage with Xuang Yang.

The Mute Damsels's Petition
    Jiang Mingzhu has been engaged to Chen Guangzu since young. When the Chen family falls on bad times, Mingzhu's stepmother renerges on the engagement and forces Mingzhu to marry someone else. Mingzhu adamantly refuses as she has secretly helped Guangzu to go to the capital to sit for the imperial examinations. Her stepmother then locks her up in a chamber.
    Guangzhu attains the title of top scholar in the imperial examinations and returns to marry Mingzhu. However, Mingzhu stepsister, Baozhu, who covets fame and wealth, schemes to marry Guangzhu instead. She tries to kill Mingzhu by setting her chamber on fire. Mingzhu escapes and heads for the capital to file a petition to the court. Baozhu again tries to harm Mingzhu but finally justice prevails when the old housekeeper arrives just in time to expose Baozhu's viciousness.

Wreaking Havoc In the Palace
    General Chu Batian returns in victory and is personally received by the Emperor.
    During a trip out of the palace to take in the sights, The Princess is waylaid by bandits. She is rescued by Zhang Jianqiu and they fell in love with each other. One night, Jianqiu sneaks into the palace to see the Princess. Batian orders a search of the palace and apprehends Jianqiu. To force the Princess' hand in marriage, he plots to get rid of Jianqiu who rivals him for the Princess' love. Jianqiu escapes with  the help of his friend, Jia Fu.
    As his army is under Batian's control' the emperor is powerless and is compelled to betroth the Princess to Batian. Just as she is at her wits' end, Jianqiu, in female disguise, comes to the Princess' aid.
    In the bridal room, Jia Fu impersonates the Princess and takes her place in the wedding. Meanwhile, together with his comrades, Jianqiu charges into the palace and overpowers Batian. It is a happy reunion for the Princess and Jianqiu.

Gifted Scholar Tang Bohu
    During a trip to the West Lake, gifted scholar Tang Bohu falls in love at first sight with Qiuxiang, a maid in the residence of Hua Hongshan, a ranking official. For Qiuxiang's sake, Tang forgoes his noble status to serve as an attendant in Hua's residence where he meets his cousin sister and ex-lover Feng Yulan. An emotional entanglement among Tang, Qiuxiang and Yulan evolves. Eventually, Yulan gives way to enable her cousin brother to marry his true love, Qiuxiang.

The Reincarnation Of The Red Plum
    Prime Minister Jia Sidao of the Southern Song dynasty betrays his country when it is invaded by the tribal troops. Imperial college student Pei Shunqing rebukes him for committing treason.
    Jia is interested in Li Huiniang who is in love with Pei. Jia forces Li to become his concubine and kills her when he discovers her meeting with Pei. Unware of Li's death, Pei mistakes another woman, Lu Zhaorong, for Li as they look very much alike. Jia is also attracted by Lu's beauty and tries to take her as his concubine. Lu manages to escape from Jia's clutches with Pei's help, but Pei himself falls victim to Jia's trap. Meanwhile, after returning home, Lu falls ill and dies.
    Pei is rescued from danger by the late Li Huiniang. So moved by Li's strong love for Pei that the goddess helps Li to take on the body of the late Lu in order to be reunited with Pei

Emperor Guang Xu Mourns For Concubine Zhen
    Emperor Guang Xu of the Qing dynasty is very much in love with concubine Zhen. Empress dowager Ci Xi has been spending state funds. Unhappy with Ci Xi's extravagrance, Guang Xu plans for a political reform with Zhen to wrest power from Ci Xi. Ci Xi discovers their scheme and jails the couple separately. With some officials'  help Guang Xu gets to meet Zhen at her lock-up. However, such meetings come to an end when the capital is besieged by the allied forces. Following the breakout of a battle, Ci Xi leaves the capital  with Guang Xu but not before issuing an order for Zhen to be drowned in the well. Hence, when Guang Xu returns after the battle is over, he can only hold memorial services to lament over the death of his beloved concubine.

Fan Lihua Humbles Xue Dingshan
    Female warrior Fan Lihua, who is skilled in martial arts, stands guard at Hanjiang Pass. She is a commander of General Su Baotong who has staged a rebellion against the Tang  ruler. Tang General Xue Rengui and son Xue Dingshan launch an attack against Lihua  but are no match for her. Lihua falls in love with Dingshan who later renerges on his promise to marry her. He suffers the humiliation of being captured and released by Lihua three times before he agrees to the marriage arranged by Cheng Yaojin.
    On their wedding night, Dingshan rebukes Lihua over the death of her father and brother. He also suspects that her godson, Xue Yinglong, is her lover. Lihua departs. in anger.
    General Xue and Dingshan are unable to contain Su's army. Dingshan kneels thrice and prostrate nine times on his way to enlist Lihua's help. Lihua feigns death. A heartbroken Dingshan weeps before her altar and regrets his past. Lihua is moved and forgives Dingshan. They successfully  combine their might against the enemies

The Merciless Sword
    For 20 years, Yu Chang has lived a secluded life devoted to raising Chong Hui. Hui grows up in fear of Chang as she is very strict with him.
    Hui and his neighbor, Dao Ci, have grown up together and secretly pledged their love for each other. At a meeting with Ci in the woods one evening, Hui has to rush off as he is wanted by Chang. Meanwhile, Ci's servant, Hu Tu, arrives to tell Ci that that the lustful Emperor Ji is coming to take her as his bride. On hearing the news, Ci leaves hurriedly after writing two letters--one to reject the Emperor and the other to affirm her love for Hui. However, her drunken servant mixes up the letters and gives them to the wrong addresses as a result of which Hui mistakes Ci as having forsaken him while the Emperor thinks Ci has accepted him. When the two rivals in love meet, the Emperor hurls insults at Hui making Hui feel more resentful. A complex story thus unfolds.

Magazine of Wong Wai Kuan's Concert in Hong Kong

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